Creating A Sustainable Future

Simple Modern is committed to sustainability through the following efforts:

Building drinkware that lasts

We design our products with meticulous attention to detail and use high-quality materials. Each item is created with a commitment to quality and is intended to be used repeatedly. When used as instructed and properly cared for, a Simple Modern product can last for years, reducing waste exponentially over time.

Manufacturing materials

We believe sustainability starts at the beginning. We work hand-in-hand with our partners to implement sustainable practices, including recycling unused or damaged materials and packaging components. Our product packaging is made with fully-recyclable materials, and we are continually looking for ways to minimize printing and reduce use of paper and plastics, while still keeping products properly protected for our customers.

Manufacturing practices

We utilize recycled raw materials when possible and seek to reuse water in certain production processes. One of our manufacturers is developing state-of-the-art solar power for the production of some of our biggest product lines.

Quality Control and Inspection

Our rigorous and ever-improving quality control practices help us produce our drinkware correctly the first time. By doing so, we reduce waste, see fewer defects, and make certain that customers receive high-quality product.


We want to help you recycle all of your S|M products & packaging! In the rare situation in which a defective product is received, do not throw it away. Contact Simple Modern and we will arrange for you to send it back to us. If the item is defective, we will recycle the returned item and send a replacement product for free. If a product is not defective, but is no longer desired or used, please donate the product to a local charity. If you are unable to donate a product to a local charity, send the product to the following address for us to donate or recycle: Simple Modern Recycling Program 4901 N. Cooper Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73118